• Mini Wedding Special

    *** UPDATE ***
    Although Massachusetts lifted all restrictions for fully vaccinated residents last year, the Delta and Omnicron variants of Covid-19 are raging. If you're not comfortable with the regular ceremony, I am continuing the Covid Mini Wedding Special Package for anyone interested.

    In the age of Covid, a large wedding with out of town guests could be a dangerous place to be. So scaling it back with just a hand full of guests or  even no guests may be the way to go.

    I'm offering this perfect option deal where you have the Mini Wedding without a wedding party and a limited number of guests and a simplified wedding script now.

    Then, when things return to normal, you have the option of having the wedding of your dreams as a Vow Renewal ceremony which can be exactly the same as a wedding except for rewording the Question of Intent and Pronouncement elements. I perform the ceremony you would have had complete with Your Love Story in front of all the guests you want with the wedding party, and the music, and flowers and everything else you wanted. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary or other special day in your life.

    The Covid Mini Wedding Special Package includes:
    • A face to face or video wedding workshop to work out the details on size and scope.
    • Your choice of a ceremony script from my collection.
    • Wordsmithing that script to your liking.
    • Full access to me by phone or email so you can ask any questions and address your concerns.
    • A "Mini" rehearsal held before the ceremony because you will have a mini wedding party.
    • The first 60 miles of travel are included at no charge.
    • A relaxed ceremony conducted in professional manner.
    • The full cost of the Mini Wedding will be applied to a Vow Renewal Ceremony.
    That's right, what you're actually getting is two beautiful weddings for the price of one.

    But you are NO obligation to have the Vow Renewal Ceremony. And you don't need to decide if you want to do a Vow Renewal right away.  

    In order to keep everyone safe from Covid, there are restrictions on the size of the wedding party and the number of guests. Contact me to find out more about this exciting option.

    You can read my article Your Wedding During Covid.


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