• Love is Love

    How is a Same-Sex wedding different from a traditional Bride-Groom wedding? 

    Both weddings involve two people deeply in love and willing to commit themselves to each other. 

    Both weddings are a public acknowledgement of that love and commitment. 

    Both weddings involve expressing and sharing that acknowledgement with a group of friends and family. 

    Both weddings are a celebration of that love shared. 

    So the important stuff - the parts that really matter - is exactly the same. 

    The only differences are superficial details like what you call the roles of the two people getting married. Instead of Bride and Groom, it may be Groom and Groom or Bride and Bride or Partners For Life. Or something else of the couple's choosing. 

    Another difference from the Traditional wedding may be the the makeup of who is in the wedding party. There couple may have an all male or all female wedding party. Or a mix of men and women filling those traditional roles of Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bride's Maids and Groomsmen. But today, many heterosexual couples have had the Best "Man" be the Groom's female friend or a male friend serve as the Bride's Mister of Honor. So even those boundaries have been breaking down. 

    The biggest difference is because they have broken away from the traditional gendered roles, a Same-Sex wedding is more liberating and less restricted by those traditional norms which have constrained weddings to the same roles and verses used for centuries. It can truly be an expression of that specific couple's love for one another and their friends and family.

    And this liberation has spilled into new ways to celebrate heterosexual weddings as well. We are seeing a surge in new creativity and a breaking down of the traditional roles in the wedding party, who sits on which side, who comes down the aisle with the bride - many couples are now coming in together. 

    So if you ask me what's different about a Same-Sex wedding compared to the traditional Bride-Groom wedding, my answer will be "Not much. Because when it comes down to it, Love is Love."


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