• Your Wedding During Covid


    In the age of Covid-19 with masks and social distancing, you may think you have to postpone your wedding. But with a little creativity, you can still have a unique wedding. It may be smaller than you wanted but that doesn't mean it can't still be the best day of both of your lives. And no matter what, a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic will never be forgotten.

    These are some ideas of how to have a safer, socially distant wedding:

    The Micro Wedding
    Instead of having the wedding with 200 guests in attendance and the reception with dinner and dancing, you can have a Micro Wedding with a limited number of guests following the current guidelines. Limit your Wedding Party to just a Best Man and Maid of Honor. With the Wedding Couple, four parents, the Best Man and Maid of Honor, Officiant, and a Photographer, that would be eight people. Depending on your venue, that would still allow a maximum of 42 additional guests. 

    The Live Stream
    When families are scattered around the country and travel restrictions are being renewed during the surge, travel can be difficult. So why not live cast it on one of the social media platforms.With just a few technical skills, most photographers or videographer (or even that techie friend of yours) can broadcast your wedding out to the world and let everyone share the joy of your special day no matter where they are. 

    The Elopement
    Or you can just do the "quickie wedding" simple ceremony skipping guests all together and have the party later. Besides the signing of the Marriage License, the only parts of the wedding required to make it legal are the Question of Intent and the Pronouncement. And in Massachusetts, witnesses are not even needed; the Bride, the Groom, and the Officiant are the only people who have to be there.

    The Renewal Ceremony
    If you did decide to marry while we're still under Covid-19 restrictions, once things have returned to normal, I can perform a Vow Renewal ceremony with all the bells and whistles of what you would have had. This would be a great way to celebrate your first anniversary - with the wedding and reception of your dreams, just delayed a year while the craziness of the world settled down. 

    All Of The Above
    There's also no reason you can't have a Live Streamed Micro Wedding with a Vow Renewal and Reception on your first anniversary.

    We feel like our lives have been put on pause during the pandemic. But we can still celebrate the joy of love in our lives. Instead of postponing the wedding of your dreams, we can work together to give you that wedding in new and creative ways. You can have your wedding your way, just with a mask, and socially distant.


    Photo by Cotton Bro from Pexels.


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